Internship to full-time hire is a growing trend

andy.chan.597x487Internship experience gives new grads a competitive edge. Sixty-three percent of graduating seniors have had at least one internship and seven of 10 interns are offered full-time jobs by their employers, according to

“More career development offices are focusing on getting students internships and connecting them early and often with faculty, staff, mentors, alumni and parents who can help them identify their interests and strengths. Internships are key to helping students make the transition from college to career,” says Andy Chan, vice president of career development.

Emily Bandyk found marketing was her calling. She also fell in love with art. As a business major and art history minor, she followed both her head and her heart. In business school she worked on a case study transitioning L’Oreal’s Plentitude line in France to appeal to American women. By networking with a Wake alumna and promoting her hands-on case study experience, she landed a summer internship at L’Oreal. Six months later, she was offered a full-time position working on the company’s luxury division in New York. “I landed my pie in the sky shoot for the stars dream job,” Emily says.

Andy Chan and Emily Bandyk are available for interviews.

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