​​Wake Forest public art class to host ‘Walking Tour of Works’

​Tape cast 'people' travel around campus in 'flat Stanley'-style, sitting at picnic tables, under trees or on benches

Wake Forest University’s Public Art class is hosting a ‘Walking Tour of Works’ on Thursday, Nov. 16. The tour will begin at 3:30 p.m. in the Scales Fine Arts Center lobby.

“My teaching of art is a reflection of the interests that drive my work,” said public art professor David Finn. “I like art that is enmeshed in activity and places, art which responds to location and history. In 1994, I started a class in public art for students to experience making a work with and for a campus or community organization.”

This is the first time a Walking Tour of works from Finn’s art class has been offered. The guided walk will showcase six public art projects with the student artists each offering commentary. Works on the tour will include:

“Released Regrets” – Individuals express regrets and empathy by sharing ‘things they wished they’d said, but never did’ on pieces of paper inside a private booth. These notes will later be made into a large, outdoor collage.
Artist: Whitaker Gannon
(Scales Fine Arts Center Lobby)

‘Beyond the Breed’ – Performance piece with the artist’s Pit Bull to encourage conversations on prejudice and stereotyping.
Artist: Reshawn Shaw
(Upper Quad)

​”​Student Bodies​”​ ​– ​Tape cast ‘people’ travel around campus in ‘flat Stanley’-style, sitting at picnic tables, under trees or on benches.
​Artists: Anna Pugh and Max Gordon
(Near Reynolda Hall)​

“Walk Winston, Step Salem” – 52 cement stepping stones offer 26 positive and 26 negative phrases about Winston-Salem – one phrase on each stone – using Scrabble tiles.
Artist: Maya Menon
(Near Reynolda Hall)

​”​Insecurity Blanket​” – ​ A performance art piece using a large loom to weave a blanket composed of negative feelings and anxieties.
​Artist: Brianna Casini
(Manchester Plaza/Mag Quad)​

​”Rest in Peace, Hippocrates” – Tombstone sculptures offer critiques of the health care system.
Artist: Jessica Wu
(Manchester Plaza​ near Shorty’s)

Media are welcome to attend all or part of the tour.

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