WFU in the news: Nov. 22-28

Selected news clips courtesy of Wake Forest University News & Communications


Many stores closed on Thanksgiving, analysts say it may be permanent trend
By Kristin Thorne | WABC-TV (New York, NY)
“A lot of employees want to be home with their families and loved ones on Thanksgiving,” said Roger Beahm, executive director of Wake Forest’s Center for Retail Innovation. “Meeting those employee needs is as important in the long run to the business as staying open on Thanksgiving is in the short run.” – 11/25/2021


Tribes that aren’t Federally recognized face unique challenges
By Sophie Hayssen | Teen Vogue
Wake Forest junior Mahlea Hunt comments on the challenges faced by tribes that aren’t Federally recognized. “I know how strong our Lumbee heritage and culture is and how beautiful it is,” she said. “It just hurts that people would question our identity.” – 11/24/2021

Kyle Rittenhouse does not represent American gun owners today
By David Yamane | The Hill
“Kyle Rittenhouse does not represent American gun owners today,” writes sociology professor and American gun culture expert David Yamane. “Although it is easy to do, we should not mistake high profile for representative. Gun owners are a diverse mosaic and, consequently, more like you than you might think.” – 11/23/2021

World of Symphonic Music Presents: “Dan Locklair”
KRFC 88.9 FM
Music professor Dan Locklair is Composer-in-Residence at Wake Forest. His compositional catalog, influenced by a wide variety of traditions, includes internationally performed symphonic works, a ballet, an opera, and numerous solo, chamber, vocal, organ and choral compositions. – 11/23/2021

To save the reefs, save the trees and the soil they grow in
By Cassie Freund | Massive Science
Tropical rainforests and coral reefs are two of the most vibrant and biodiverse ecosystems in the world. Together they bring to mind images of lush, green vegetation spilling into clear turquoise waters teeming with ocean life. You probably don’t think about the ground beneath your feet — but, according to research recently published in Global Change Biology, we need to if we want to keep these two ecosystems healthy, writes PhD candidate in biology Cassie Freund. – 11/22/2021


North Carolina’s top 10 colleges with the best return on investment
WGHP-TV (High Point, NC)
Wake Forest made this list of North Carolina’s top 10 colleges with the best return on investment. – 11/22/2021


Charlotte council approves funding for Atrium innovation district project
By Richard Craver | Winston-Salem Journal
A proposed Atrium Health $1.5 billion innovation district received Monday the approval of the Charlotte City Council for its share of about $75 million in public funding for infrastructure initiatives. The innovation district would be built near the planned Wake Forest School of Medicine slated to open in 2024. – 11/23/2021

How Biden’s strategic oil release will help you save money at the pump
By Lauren Coleman | WFMY-TV (Greensboro, NC)
“Historically, the use of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve has dropped the price of a barrel of oil somewhere between two and ten dollars,” economics professor Todd McFall explained. “Which in percentage terms is going to be somewhere between about 5% and 15%. – 11/23/2021

Wineries, breweries strained by glass shortages
By Lee Anne Denyer | WXII-TV (Winston Salem, NC)
Business professor Haresh Gurnani, said, at this point in the pandemic, the output is struggling to keep up with a surge in demand. “If we were to roll back to when COVID was first starting, there was a huge drop in demand. Demand picked up faster than the supply could manage and that led to congestion in factories and transportation.” – 11/23/2021

Local supporters of Ahmaud Arbery praise the jury’s guilty verdicts
By John Hinton | Winston-Salem Journal
“There was clear testimony from Travis McMichael that Ahmaud Arbery presented no threat to him at all,” said law professor Kami Chavis. “You have three men who pursued Ahmaud Arbery, cornered him with their truck and brandished weapons toward him. That was very menacing, and Arbery must have been very afraid.” – 11/24/2021

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