WFU in the news: July 24-30, 2023

Selected news clips courtesy of the Wake Forest News & Communications team


Can character be taught?
By Marjorie Malpiede | LearningWell Magazine
“We’re facing a crisis of leadership in our country where we don’t have many leaders that are embodying the kind of virtues and values that we need to lead with courage, humility, justice and compassion,” said humanities professor Michael Lamb, executive director of Wake Forest’s Program for Leadership and Character. “At the same time, institutions that once served as training grounds for moral formation are now playing less influential roles, leaving a gap for colleges and universities to shape the character of students, many of whom want guidance on how to live.” – 7/17/2023


Birds are the secret weapon in your fight against anxiety
By Elizabeth Bernstein | The Wall Street Journal
Psychology professor John Petrocelli was thrilled when the two bird feeders he put in his backyard attracted dozens of bright red cardinals. He says that watching and feeding them made him feel less stressed and more useful. He has a strategy to help him feel closer to the birds. When he refills the feeders, he wears a big, red sweatshirt. “I think the cardinals think I’m one of their own.” – 7/24/2023

‘What we need to protect and why’: 20-year Amazon research hints at fate of tropics
By Justin Catanoso | South Africa Today
In its bold outlines, many informed people understand that climate change is reducing tropical biodiversity and thereby degrading the functionality and ecoservices of tropical forests. But what are the specific mechanisms by which these forests are being diminished over long time frames? Miles Silman – biology professor, tropical ecologist and researcher with the University’s Center for Energy, Environment & Sustainability – has been helping study the impacts of climate change on a wide range of plant and animal species and soils with the international Andes Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research Group. – 7/26/2023

Challenging myths and lies about dads
By Paul Sullivan | The Company of Dads
Do babies really bond better with moms? Do dads sacrifice less than moms? Are dads less empathetic, less compassionate, and less skilled at communicating than moms? These are all myths that hold fathers back, said education professor Linda Nielsen. She is an internationally recognized expert on father-daughter relationships. And most recently she’s the author of a book “Myths and Lies About Dads: How They Hurt Us All.” She’s also written two books on father-daughter relationships and how to improve them. – 7/25/2023


Petco to open in some area Lowe’s stores. Lowe’s will also have monthly Vetco clinics
By Richard Craver | Winston-Salem Journal
By focusing on suburban and rural markets at this point, Lowe’s is capitalizing on a logical synergy between its traditional offerings and those of Petco, said marketing professor Roger Beahm. “In rural and suburban markets, where farm and home are closely linked and where distances from specialty stores and home improvement stores can be greater, the Lowe’s-Petco partnership can provide a valuable one-stop-shopping benefit to those consumers.” – 7/25/2023

9th Wonder details the history of hip-hop during master’s course
By Tevin Stinson | WS Chronicle
If you’re a real hip-hop head who truly understands the culture and its significance, you can probably recall the exact moment when you fell in love with hip-hop. Patrick Douthit, who is better known as 9th Wonder, remembers that day like it was yesterday. Today, 9th Wonder teaches courses at Duke University, Elizabeth City State University, Wake Forest University, and he is a Harvard University Fellow. He is also a member of the executive committee for hip-hop and rap at the National Museum of African American History and Culture at the Smithsonian. – 7/28/2023

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