Countdown to the presidential debate in Wait Chapel; Wake Forest makes final preparations

October 8, 2000  |   Community, Events, National, University Announcement

With the presidential debate just days away, Wake Forest University is making final preparations for the highly anticipated Oct. 11 event in Wait Chapel. On Saturday, Oct. 7, construction crews began work on the candidates’ stage at the front of the chapel. An additional air-conditioning unit was installed on the roof of the chapel to […]

Three additional sponsors support Wake Forest’s presidential debate

October 7, 2000  |   Community, Events, National, University Announcement

Wake Forest University has added three sponsors to its list of those contributing their support to the Oct. 11 presidential debate in Wait Chapel. Panasonic, Opinioneering Corporation and Flow Automotive Company push the sponsor total to 12. Previously named sponsors include Wachovia Corporation, BellSouth, Duke Energy, US Airways, !dealliance Inc., TITAN Technology Partners, the Winston-Salem […]

Wake Forest schedules debate update briefing for Sunday afternoon

October 6, 2000  |   Community, Events, Media Advisory, University Announcement

Wake Forest University will hold a press briefing Sunday afternoon to present an update on debate preparations and take questions from the news media. The briefing will be held at 2 p.m. in Reynolda Hall, Room 204 (Office of the Provost). Topics discussed will include facilities preparations, campus access, and parking and security plans. The […]

Wake Forest selects debate ticket lottery winners; Commission to decide how many seats available

October 5, 2000  |   Community, Events, University Announcement

One hundred students, faculty and staff of Wake Forest University are one step closer to the possibility of watching the Oct. 11 presidential debate from inside Wait Chapel. Using an online registration system, the university has selected 100 people-75 undergraduate, 15 graduate, and 10 faculty/staff- as potential ticket winners for the debate. The university is […]

Public Access to Wake Forest ends early morning on debate day

October 5, 2000  |   Community, Events, University Announcement

Due to newly announced Secret Service requirements, Wake Forest University will temporarily end public access to its Reynolda Campus on the day it will host a presidential debate. Public access will end at 9:30 a.m. on Oct. 11 and resume at noon on Oct. 12. The presidential debate will be held in Wake Forest’s Wait […]

Wake Forest University’s Rock the Vote concert moves to LJVM Coliseum

October 5, 2000  |   Community, Events, University Announcement

Due to anticipated high interest, the Oct. 11 Rock the Vote concert hosted by Wake Forest University will be moved to the Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Organizers are now preparing for a crowd of 10,000 for this free concert. Other sites had originally been announced for this event, including the coliseum’s annex. The Winston-Salem […]

Wake Forest puts Wait Chapel on the web; public can watch as chapel becomes debate hall

October 4, 2000  |   Community, Events, University Announcement

Wake Forest University’s Wait Chapel is undergoing major changes in preparation for the Oct. 11 presidential debate- and you can watch it happen minute-by-minute online. The Wait Chapel Web Cam debuted on the university’s debate Web site, http://debate.wfu.edu, on Tuesday, Oct. 3. The camera looks down on the chapel’s seats and stage area. The Wait […]

Public invited to hear U.S. Secretary of Labor speak at Divinity School breakfast Oct. 12

October 4, 2000  |   Events, School of Divinity

Wake Forest University’s Divinity School will host a breakfast with U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexis Herman at Knollwood Baptist Church, 330 Knollwood St., on Thursday, Oct. 12, at 8 a.m. The free continental breakfast is open to the public. Please call the Divinity School at 758-3748 to reserve a space before Oct. 11.

Public invited to participate in DebateWatch project at Wake Forest University

October 3, 2000  |   Community, Events, University Announcement

The public is invited to participate in DebateWatch, a focus group program sponsored by Wake Forest University and The Commission on Presidential Debates tonight at 9 p.m., and again on Thursday, Oct. 5 at 9 p.m. The program is designed to gauge voters’ reactions to the candidates’ performance during the debates. Participants at several sites […]

WFU Law school students to host death penalty symposium

October 3, 2000  |   Events, School of Law, Speakers, University Announcement

An innocent Winston-Salem man whose death sentence was recently overturned and a rape survivor whose testimony sent the wrong man to death row will speak Sunday, Oct. 8, during a Death Penalty Symposium at Wake Forest University. The public is invited to attend this free event from 6-7:30 p.m. in Room 1312 of the Worrell […]

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