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Making space for wellbeing

January 14, 2015  |   2014 Highlights: Wellbeing, Thrive / Wellbeing, Top Stories

In 2014, the University launched “Thrive,” a program to help students, faculty and staff develop the skills, knowledge and perspective to maintain a healthy, balanced life. Here is a review of recent wellbeing-related stories and a glimpse of what’s ahead for 2015.


It’s finals week – take time to ‘ZieSta’

December 11, 2014  |   2014 Highlights: Wellbeing, Campus Life, Faculty, Student, Thrive / Wellbeing, Top Stories

The ZieSta Room encourages the wellbeing of students by having a specified place within the library that allows students to easily take a break from work.


Recognized for addressing stress

September 23, 2014  |   2014 Highlights: Wellbeing, Admissions, Campus Life, Faculty, Thrive / Wellbeing, Top Stories

U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges 2015 guidebook, which hits newsstands this week, highlights Wake Forest’s leadership in the national trend of promoting students’ social and emotional wellbeing. The story shows how schools like WFU tackle stress to provide a better environment for students.


Wake Forest launches ‘Thrive’

September 5, 2014  |   2014 Highlights: Wellbeing, Admissions, Alumni, Campus Life, Events, For Alumni, For Parents, Thrive / Wellbeing, Top Stories, University Announcement

Today’s campus-wide introduction of “Thrive,” the University’s comprehensive approach to wellbeing, features fun activities to get people thinking and talking about serious topics such as financial planning, work satisfaction, intellectual engagement, emotional health and spirituality.


An investment in wellbeing

August 26, 2014  |   2014 Highlights: Wellbeing, Admissions, Campus Life, For Alumni, For Parents, Student, Thrive / Wellbeing, Top Stories, Wake Forest College, Wake Will

John Marbach found that accepting a $100,000 entrepreneurship grant to skip college and start a business took an unexpected toll on his wellbeing. He returned to Wake Forest with a deep appreciation for the University’s efforts to double down on transforming wellbeing for the entire campus community.

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