Online vehicle registration available for WFU students

A new parking registration system offers Wake Forest University undergraduate students the freedom to register their vehicles online with the parking management office through the Wake Information Network (WIN).

Beginning January 2003, students can register their vehicles by logging on to WIN and accessing the “Personal” section of the system. A new link, “Register your vehicle for a WFU parking decal,” takes students to an online form, allowing them to register for a campus parking decal.

After completing the registration form, applicants must click on the submit button. The information is sent electronically to the parking management office, and students can pick up a parking decal in the parking management office at the H.S. Moore Building the afternoon of the next business day by presenting their Wake Forest identification card. All fees will be billed to students’ accounts.

To register the same vehicle each semester, students can access an option on WIN for previously registered vehicles.

The new system allows students to register their vehicles from any location where they can log on to WIN. In the summer, undergraduate students can register vehicles online and the decal will be sent to their campus mailbox in August.

A laptop computer will be available in the lobby of the parking management office for students who want to register there. Students who need special permission or temporary decals still need to go to the parking management office.

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