Film, watercolor and cut paper

From August 29 through October 4, the Charlotte and Philip Hanes Art Gallery in the Scales Fine Arts Center will host an exhibition featuring works by three artists, including Assistant Professor of Art Joel Tauber who joins Wake Forest from the University of Southern California.

Tauber will be focusing on developing the department’s video art program and brings 10 years of experience to the classroom. The exhibition offers an opportunity for the community to experience Tauber’s most recent installation, which was also exhibited at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects in Culver City, California.

Joel Tauber: “Pumping”

Joel Tauber - Pumping The Handcar, lightjet print, 2010

Joel Tauber - Pumping The Handcar, lightjet print, 2010

Tauber’s video installation examines the history of the Southern Pacific Railroad and traces how water, oil and trains transformed Los Angeles from a small town to a metropolis. The display consists of a triptych of original films designed to create a unified audio visual experience. The films were made using a 16mm hand-cranked film camera—giving the installation the appearance of having been made in the late 1800s. “Pumping” examines the relationship between people, cities and finite resources.

Review by Christopher Knight, LA Times (1/20/11) PDF

Mary Ting: Installation & Drawings (NYC)

Mary Ting - Snake Girl, cut paper drawing

Mary Ting - Snake Girl, cut paper drawing

A second-generation Chinese American artist, Mary Ting’s work combines fine art and folk art and both formally and informally addresses grief and acceptance of loss. Ting is inspired by mythologies and literary and historical sources from both ancient and contemporary from Eastern and Western traditions. Using a variety of media, she cuts, burns, smokes and stains paper, and cloth, combining them with natural objects and animal masks to create her work. Ting teaches at Transart Institute, NY/Berlin, and Pratt Institute in Manhattan.

About Mary Ting

Read more: Mary Ting Installations & Drawings (PDF)

Beth Sutherland: Etchings and Watercolors (NY)

Beth Sutherland - Garage, 2000, watercolor

Beth Sutherland - Garage, 2000, watercolor

Beth Sutherland has exhibited widely in the New York and Philadelphia areas, as well as in North Carolina. Her work calls on close observation, and encourages viewers to think about objects and their relationships. Ordinary structures are presented in out of the ordinary ways. Sutherland teaches part-time at Westchester Community College in Westchester County, N.Y.

Website Beth Sutherland

Artist Biography (PDF)

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