Drawing + biology = art

For biology major Brandon Rus, photography and drawing add a creative dimension to his science-focused coursework.

Rus’ detailed series of drawings on 3×5 cards are among about 80 paintings, prints, and other pieces by undergraduate student artists on display at the annual Student Art Exhibition. Works by art majors, non-majors and honors students are featured through May 19 at the Charlotte and Philip Hanes Art Gallery.

Student Art Exhibition – April 24–May 19, 2014

Gallery Hours:

  • 10 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday-Friday

Honors Exhibitions: Mezzanine Gallery

Commencement Weekend Hours:

  • May 17, 1–5 p.m.
  • May 18–May 19, 10 a.m.–5 p.m.

“I have always liked to draw recreationally, and used this particular piece as an outlet to my biology intensive schedule,” said Rus, whose photographs were chosen for last year’s show.

Rus committed a year to putting together his final drawing. Due to the intricacies involved in the designs, it took him a year to accumulate enough drawings before he felt he had enough components to adequately portray the concept he intended.

The Student Art Exhibition is meant to showcase a strong group of students and work submitted said Paul Bright, director of the Charlotte and Philip Hanes Art Gallery and one of the judges.

During the exhibition’s opening reception, six students were awarded a $100 Hanes Gallery Award and pieces by additional student artists were selected for purchase by the University to join the University Art Collections.

Whether students are exploring a new media or submitting artwork from a concept that has been brewing for a year, the Student Art Exhibition is the opportunity to showcase their hard work.

Happy accidents

Tia Sutton, a senior pre-med major, decided that she wanted to use her final semester at Wake Forest to try new things.

“I’ve always been most comfortable with drawing,” said Sutton. “I wanted to explore different media outside of basic graphite, but I was terrified by the idea that I could not erase. As it turns out, I ended up liking some of my ‘happy accidents.’”

Award Winners

  • Cami Burruss, “Traite de la Lumiere”
  • Rachel Roth, “Untitled 2”
  • KyungJin Yoo, “Apple Man”
  • Serena D’Agostino, “Murmur”
  • Jon Rowe, “Untitled #2”
  • Promising first-year student: Xiang Li, “Barcodes and Apple”

Sutton, a first time submitter to the Student Art Exhibition, ended up selecting pieces that at first she thought were experiments or even accidents. Although hesitant to submit her work, Sutton was eager to step outside her comfort zone and was encouraged by her professor, LeighAnn Hallberg.

“Professor Hallberg offered me guidance throughout the entire process, whether it was trying new media or ultimately submitting my final piece,” said Sutton. “She pushed my creative thinking beyond what I would typically imagine doing – it was amazing to have that support.”

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