WFU leads the way in Rethinking Community

Wake Forest has never been more committed to being a place that celebrates free speech and encourages open and direct dialogue, thoughtful and challenging conversation, and above all, the mutual respect that each individual deserves.

That’s why we recently convened thought leaders across the ideological spectrum to explore what it means to live in a society that is more diverse, polarized, global and virtual than ever.

Comfortable with Conflict

20171010class3221.pagewidthAt Wake Forest, faculty are making conscious efforts to help students get comfortable with a healthy degree of conflict as part of their academic and personal growth. Read more here.

The Rethinking Community Conference (Oct. 19-21) featured timely discussions about free speech and safe spaces; efforts to end or defend DACA; free press and fake news; and sports, race and politics. Participants also explored the “Communiversity” – or the relationship between universities and their communities.

The conference was a signature event in what Provost Rogan Kersh has deemed the year of “Rethinking Community.” The event was co-sponsored by the Office of the Provost’s Rethinking Community Initiative, the Eudaimonia Institute, and the Pro Humanitate Institute.

“Even as our university colleagues across the country grapple with related topics on their campuses, it’s been an honor to convene a national conversation to address these timely – and timeless – societal issues.” Rogan Kersh, provost

“I was blown away by the impact of bringing so many diverse perspectives together to navigate the complexities of Rethinking Community, and I am inspired by the ways Wake Foresters continue to prepare our graduates to navigate and lead dramatic shifts in our world,” said Kersh.

Conference Livestream

Click here to see archived livestreams of Wake Forest University’s Rethinking Community Conference.

University leaders, scholars, students, non-profit leaders, journalists and others joined in conversations and idea exchanges, exploring the meaning of community. (Presenters here.)

Below are selected tweets:

Media Coverage

The conference was also covered by Spectrum News, WGHP and WXII.