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Do virtual meetings level the playing field for diverse voices?

June 24, 2020  |   Faculty, Top Stories

Do virtual meetings level the playing field? Not usually. Communications professor Rebecca Gill says moving online does not solve the problems of bias and discrimination that are often part of the in-person working world.

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For Father’s Day: Improving father-daughter relationships

June 18, 2020  |   Faculty, Research, Top Stories

“A father prepares his daughter for the road, rather than preparing the road for his daughter,” says Linda Nielsen, a nationally recognized expert on father-daughter relationships.

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State governments: Power during the pandemic

May 28, 2020  |   Faculty, Top Stories

The coronavirus pandemic has brought into focus the importance of state governments and the wide-ranging authority of state officials, especially governors, in responding to emergencies. John Dinan, a Wake Forest University professor of politics and a leading national expert on federalism, state constitutions and state legislatures, can discuss the emergency power of state governments and governors.


Real-time lessons in global health

May 26, 2020  |   Faculty, Student, Top Stories

When Karin Friederic began teaching her Anthropology of Global Health class in January, the first coronavirus case outside mainland China had not yet been confirmed.


Engineering professors don’t miss a beat during remote learning

May 21, 2020  |   Faculty, Student, Top Stories

Students in Engineering 311: Control Systems and Instrumentation, are used to hands-on activities such as building circuits and sensors and using their lab bench equipment.


Going remote, but staying connected

May 18, 2020  |   Faculty, Student, Top Stories

At the heart of a Wake Forest education are student-professor relationships and faculty are determined to find ways to keep connections strong no matter what form learning takes.

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How the pandemic can strengthen bonds between fathers and daughters

May 13, 2020  |   Faculty, Research, Top Stories

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned life as we know it upside down. But the strengthening of families, particularly father-daughter relationships, can be one silver lining from it.


Journalism students report on COVID-19 pandemic from their homes

May 8, 2020  |   Faculty, Student, Top Stories

Justin Catanoso knows one of journalism’s sacred rules is that reporters shouldn’t use friends and family members as sources.


Citizen science project tracks blue-footed boobies on social media

May 8, 2020  |   Faculty, Research, Top Stories

Wake Forest biology researcher Jenny Howard is using the sixth annual World Seabird Twitter Conference (#WSTC6) to spread the word about her effort to track the declining population of blue-footed boobies via social media.


Birds of a feather learn together

May 7, 2020  |   Faculty, Student, Top Stories

When first-graders at Brunson Elementary were learning about birds, 17 Wake Forest students visited their classrooms to connect the biology lessons with the arts by exploring how birds move and leading bird-themed creative projects.

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