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Expert: Why do entrepreneurs fail? They choose the wrong idea.

February 15, 2019  |   Faculty, Top Stories

The importance of having a sound business idea for a startup is essential, but identifying the ideas most likely to go from concept to venture is challenging. Statistics show that about 34% of startups fail within the first two years and 56% within the first four years. Most failures are due, in part, to the pursuit of ideas that are poorly selected and/or tested.


New study shows more protein and fewer calories help older people lose weight safely

February 14, 2019  |   Faculty, Research, Top Stories

A high-protein, low-calorie diet helps older adults with obesity lose more weight, maintain more muscle mass, improve bone quality and lose “bad” fat, according to results from a new randomized controlled trial led by Wake Forest University researcher Kristen Beavers.


WFU awards and recognitions briefs

February 13, 2019  |   Faculty, Pro Humanitate, Recognition, Staff, Top Stories

The WFU Awards and Recognitions briefs celebrate milestones of faculty, staff and students at Wake Forest.


Mom’s reward: Female Galápagos seabird has a shorter lifespan than males

February 12, 2019  |   Faculty, Research, Top Stories

The male Nazca booby, a large seabird of the Galápagos Islands, often outlives the domineering female of the species, according to new research from Wake Forest University published today in the Journal of Animal Ecology.

Expert Pitch

This Valentine’s Day, give the gift of great conversation

February 8, 2019  |   Faculty, Top Stories

When is the last time you and your partner made time to talk? Or, more important, made time to really listen to one another.


Roses are red, violets are blue, gold’s a great gift if you know its source, too

February 7, 2019  |   Faculty, Research, Top Stories

While most jewelry shoppers now know to avoid conflict or blood diamonds, less is understood about the true cost of gold. There’s no romanticizing it – unless your sweetie longs for the gift of climate change, mercury poisoning or poverty, you owe it to your relationship to learn more about sustainable gold sourcing.

Expert Pitch

Expert on Virginia Constitution available to comment on gubernatorial removal, succession issues

February 6, 2019  |   Faculty, Top Stories

John Dinan, a Wake Forest University politics and international affairs professor who specializes in the study of state constitutions and is the author of the book The Virginia State Constitution, can answer questions about the process in Virginia for removing a governor from office and what happens if a governor is removed or resigns.


Connecting leadership with character

February 5, 2019  |   Faculty, Student, Top Stories

What is the role of the university in developing leaders with good character? At a time when many see a crisis in leadership around the world, Wake Forest University is answering this question with its Program for Leadership and Character.


MLK ‘Building the Dream’ award winners named at WFU

January 22, 2019  |   Faculty, Recognition, Student, Top Stories

Brook Davis, associate professor of theatre and dance and student Kayla Heilig (’19) have been named Wake Forest University’s 2019 Martin Luther King Jr. “Building the Dream” award winners.

Expert Pitch

Brexit, political rancor may cause long-term damage to British economy

January 16, 2019  |   Faculty, Top Stories

Sandeep Mazumder, associate professor of economics and UK native, is available to comment by phone or email on the ongoing power struggle over control of Britain’s planned exit from the European Union.

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