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End an internship with a bang, not a whimper, to land a full-time job

August 8, 2016  |   Personal and Career Development, Staff

The gap in job offer rates between students with internship experience and those without grew from 12.6 percent in 2011 to 20 percent in 2015. Even if you perform well in an internship, turning the role into a full-time position depends on making a memorable exit. Here’s how…


WFU students named to Kemper Scholars Program

May 25, 2016  |   Admissions, Personal and Career Development, Recognition, Thrive / Wellbeing

Wake Forest University students Morgan Briggs and Taylor Hodges have been selected from a group of national finalists to join this year’s incoming class of the prestigious Kemper Scholars Program.

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Fewer loans for liberal arts majors? WFU career expert available

May 13, 2016  |   Personal and Career Development

Will non-business majors have a hard time getting college loans if Donald Trump becomes president

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Internship to full-time hire is a growing trend

May 2, 2016  |   Personal and Career Development

Internship experience gives new grads a competitive edge. Sixty-three percent of graduating seniors have had at least one internship and seven of 10 interns are offered full-time jobs by their employers, according to

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What are grads looking for in their employers?

April 29, 2016  |   Personal and Career Development

It’s not uncommon to hear about what employers are looking for in grads but what are grads looking for in their employers?

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