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Flipping for physics

January 23, 2015  |   Faculty, Student, Top Stories, Wake Forest College

Don’t shake it off. Shake it up. After seven years as chief information officer, professor Rick Matthews found flipping his introductory physics course inspired first-year students and his popular teaching style in new ways.


Ted Gellar-Goad and the secret of the Sphinx

October 7, 2014  |   For Alumni, For Parents, Teacher-Scholar, Top Stories, Wake Forest College

Don’t gasp when you hear that Ted Gellar-Goad teaches naked. The young Latin scholar is always appropriately clothed in suit and tie. It’s his teaching style that bares all in a classroom stripped of laptops and other electronic devices, leaving students and teacher exposed to face-to-face learning.


An investment in wellbeing

August 26, 2014  |   2014 Highlights: Wellbeing, Admissions, Campus Life, For Alumni, For Parents, Student, Thrive / Wellbeing, Top Stories, Wake Forest College, Wake Will

John Marbach found that accepting a $100,000 entrepreneurship grant to skip college and start a business took an unexpected toll on his wellbeing. He returned to Wake Forest with a deep appreciation for the University’s efforts to double down on transforming wellbeing for the entire campus community.


Looking back at 2013-2014

July 29, 2014  |   Admissions, Campus Life, School of Business, School of Law, Top Stories, Wake Forest College

Wake Foresters had a knockout year. From celebrating world-class rankings to achievements in the classroom, across campus and abroad, the University continues to inspire and impact the world.


Finishing strong

May 16, 2014  |   Alumni, Commencement, Events, For Alumni, For Parents, Student, Top Stories, Wake Forest College

It was on a two-week summer road trip with her mom that Elizabeth Jay (’14) entered the gates of Wake Forest for the first time. Like so many, as soon as they stepped onto campus, they realized Wake Forest was the perfect school for Elizabeth. “In a rare mother-daughter moment, we completely agreed,” commented the […]


Visual maps provide career direction

April 2, 2014  |   2014 Highlights: OPCD, Campus Life, Humanities Highlights 2013-2014, Personal and Career Development, Student, Top Stories, Wake Forest College

Students are learning to better navigate their career paths by creating vision maps that capture the patterns and themes in life’s most significant moments and connect them to possible choices after graduation.


WFU shoots for Ultimate Frisbee gold

March 10, 2014  |   Campus Life, Campus Life Highlights, Online, Student, Top Stories, Wake Forest College

With three consecutive regional championships in its pocket and a roster stacked full of returning players, the Wake Forest men’s Ultimate Frisbee team is posed to make a run at the national tournament May 17-18 in Westerville, Ohio.


Exploring careers, making connections

February 5, 2014  |   2014 Highlights: OPCD, Admissions, For Alumni, For Parents, Mentoring, Student, Top Stories, Wake Forest College

From Times Square to Brooklyn to Queens, 60 Wake Forest students covered miles of sidewalk and subway lines exploring careers in media, fashion and retail, public relations and advertising, and the arts. Watch videos from the trip and find out what they learned.


From books to Nooks

January 22, 2014  |   For Alumni, For Parents, Online, Top Stories, Wake Forest College

Lost in the world of e-books? The ZSR Library is helping alumni and parents navigate the shift from paper books to bytes with ZSRx, a series of online learning opportunities that offer the personal attention of a Wake Forest classroom.


Voices for justice

January 20, 2014  |   Admissions, Campus Life, Community, For Alumni, For Parents, Staff, Student, Top Stories, Wake Forest College

Junior Gracie Harrington and campus life leaders Marianne Magjuka, Shelley Sizemore and Matt Williams, have been named Wake Forest University’s 2014 Martin Luther King Jr. “Building the Dream” award winners.

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