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Mixing it up

November 1, 2010  |   For Alumni, For Parents, Research, Student, Teacher-Scholar, Top Stories, Wake Forest College, Working Together

Junior Brandon Turner’s research integrates multiple fields and comes under the mentoring eye of Jacque Fetrow, dean of the college. He received the 2010-2011 American Physical Society Scholarship for Minority Undergraduate Physics Majors.


Brazil nut harvesting

October 4, 2010  |   International, Student, Sustainability, Top Stories, Wake Forest College, Working Together

Two Wake Forest seniors, Cate Berenato and Katherine Sinacore, spent four weeks in Peru this summer helping to determine which programs are best at helping sustain Brazil nut harvesters, their families and the rainforest.


Building a stronger classroom

September 22, 2010  |   Faculty, Graduate School, Staff, Student, Teacher-Scholar, Top Stories, Wake Forest College, Working Together

The Teaching and Learning Center, under the direction of Catherine Ross, provides workshops and other resources designed to help Wake Forest faculty keep pace with students and the changing ways they learn.


Professor promotes community learning

August 29, 2010  |   Community, Faculty, For Parents, Student, Teacher-Scholar, Top Stories, Wake Forest College, Working Together

Music professor Susan Borwick jettisoned some elements of the more traditional classroom setting and chose instead to turn the Winston-Salem community into a liberal arts learning environment to breathe new life into her course on American music.


Taking the classroom outside

June 1, 2010  |   Community, Student, Working Together

Students in Pat Lord’s biology class this spring learned some things that they hadn’t expected. They learned how the vagaries of nature — unseasonable cold, a blast of pre-summer heat, hungry rabbits — can nearly ruin weeks of work. They learned about the energy-efficiency of […]


Rewarding research: Student’s chemistry work helps advance solar-cell technology

May 24, 2010  |   Graduate School, Research, Student, Teacher-Scholar, Wake Forest College, Working Together

The quest to develop technologies to replace coal and oil as energy sources is underway in many venues, including a laboratory at Wake Forest.

Chemistry professor Ronald Noftle and his student lab assistants have been experimenting with new thiophene molecules and polymers, hoping to develop a thin, flexible, inexpensive and efficient method for storing energy.


Fellowship and scholarship: Program supports top students through mentoring and guidance

April 25, 2010  |   Student, Teacher-Scholar, Wake Forest College, Working Together

The Wake Forest Scholars program, launched in 2003, coordinates efforts to encourage and assist students in post-graduate scholarship and fellowship competitions. As its director, Tom Phillips (’74, MA ’78) guides students through the painstaking process of completing applications, writing essays and securing references. He’s also there to offer alternatives and ease anxieties—knowing that post-graduation awards are just one path to success.


Life in the digital age

July 27, 2009  |   Uncategorized, Working Together

Why a seminar on the social implications of digital technologies? There are so many things we can do with computers, but how these things happen is a mystery to many people. Exploring how society and technology interact, and learning more about how computers and networks […]

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